Progressing in Pashto

Compiled by David Burns
Contains additional material designed to be used alongside Randall Olson’s Speaking Afghan Pashto and to stimulate ongoing Pashto language study. Principles in this book will be useful when learning other regional languages of Pakistan or Afghanistan.
Spiral Bound, English/Pashto Phonetics/Pashto script

First Edition, Copyright 2007

Published by: Interlit Foundation

118 pages plus an 18 page picture book section

ISBN: 978-969-8343-38-5

Chapter 1
Personal Language Learning Assessment

Chapter 2
Language Learning Methods – Beginning Seminar
Knowing Why We Do Things The Way We Do Them
How Have People Actually Learned Languages?
Starting to Learn – Where Do We Go From Here?

Chapter 3
The Silent Period – Introductory Syllabus for the First 6 Weeks
‘The Comprehensive Radio’
Variety, Total Physical Response, Picture Book
Text, Vocabulary, Survival Conversations

Chapter 4
Lesson Supplements for Chapters 3-26 of Speaking Afghan Pashto

Chapter 5
Language Learning Methods – Continuing Seminar
Keeping on Learning is the Key to Keeping On
Comprehending, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Chapter 6
Language Learning Exercises
27 Exercises varying from verb endings, comparisons, expressing hopes, asking permission, expressions of regret, and more

Chapter 7
Teacher Interview & Sample Pashto Teaching Contract
Listing of Conversation Topics
Ideas for Cultural Texts
Managing Language Data

Chapter 8
Picture Book
Over 75 photographs to stimulate language conversation