Afghan Pashto Bundle

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Bundle includes the Speaking Afghan Pashto book, the Progressing in Pashto book and 60 hours of the Speaking Afghan Pashto Audio MP3 lessons.
Speaking Afghan Pashto
This is a language learning resource designed to help learners acquire conversational ability in Afghan Pashto. Each Lesson includes dialogues, pronunciation drills and sections on grammar, augmented by exercises, comprehension drills, vocabulary lists, and proverbs, all in easy-to-use phonetic script with English explanations. Bought alone: $45

Speaking Afghan Pashto MP3 Audio lessons
60 hours of audio lessons. These audio lessons are intended to supplement the course book, Speaking Afghan Pashto. The dialogues, vocabulary lists, pronuciation drills, and other materials are read from the 3rd edition of the book but may also be easily used with the 2nd edition. Bought alone: $30

Progressing in Pashto
This is primarily a book for those wanting to learn Afghan Pashto. It is ideally used as a supplement to Randall Olson’s Speaking Afghan Pashto and as material to stimulate ongoing Pashto language study. Principles in this book will be useful when learning other regional languages of Pakistan or Afghanistan. Bought alone: $15

Combination Bundle Discounted Price: $63.75; savings of $26.25

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