Rohi Mataluna | Pashto Proverbs

New Edition Leonard N. Bartlotti and Raj Wali Shah Khattak.
Rohi Mataluna is a selection of 1,350 Pashto proverbs (mataluna) from the mountainous (rohi) Pashtun lands. English translations and cultural annotations provide insight into the world of the Pashtuns. This second edition has been completely revised and expanded, and includes extensive notes on Pashtun culture; the social usage of proverbs; Islam and the “code of honor”; background stories; parallel texts; the poetics, form and structure of Pashto proverbs; and a detailed Index of key words.
Published in 2006 by Interlit Foundation and Pashto Academy, University of Peshawar

Hardback, Pashto script /English

385 pages

ISBN 969-8343-35-0

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